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When you are injured, a lot goes through your head.

How can I afford this?

Why did this happen?

How am I going to pay my bills?

Can I hold them accountable?

Yes, you can hold the person or business responsible for your injuries accountable with legal help. The team at McIver Law Firm works with clients every day who are injured by others and we fight to get them the compensation that they deserve. We help answer all of those questions by taking legal action and holding responsible parties liable for their negligence.

McIver Law Firm has a long history of helping clients with personal injury and vehicle accident cases. We’ve recovered millions in compensation for our clients through effective case management and proactive litigation. From negotiating with insurance agencies to filing personal injury lawsuits, Mciver Law can help you recover from your injuries by collecting compensation to help pay your bills.

Injuries don’t have to have a massive or long-term impact on your financial life when you can hold someone liable for their negligence. Contact the McIver Law Firm at 336-727-9886 or use this contact form to schedule a free consultation about your case.

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