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Workers' Compensation & Medical Malpractice Attorney in Winston-Salem, NC

Having an experienced attorney you can trust can make a big difference for your case. If you are in the Winston-Salem, High Point, or Greensboro, NC, area and need reliable representation for employment issues, medical malpractice, or auto accidents, call the Law Offices of Roderick T. McIver, PLLC today.

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Roderick Todd McIver

Attorney at Law

After previously working as a member of a larger law firm, attorney Roderick "Todd" McIver made the decision to strike out on his own and operate a private practice. Knowing that many law firms don't want to go to trial, Todd wanted to provide individuals and families in the greater Winston-Salem area with better opportunities to have their voices heard in court. If you've been injured on the job, navigating your way through the process of filing a workers' compensation claim can be overwhelming. That's why Todd will provide reliable assistance to position yourself for a favorable outcome. For legal representation, you can trust, contact the dedicated professionals at the Law Offices of Roderick T. McIver, PLLC today to schedule a consultation.


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If you are confronted with difficult legal situations in your life, you may feel uncertain about what to do next or who to turn to for help. An experienced attorney can provide you with the reliable legal guidance and direction you need to pursue the best possible outcome for your case. At the Law Offices of Roderick T. McIver, PLLC, you can feel confident from start to finish.

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Your legal matters can have a serious impact on your life moving forward, and you may have concerns about what can happen. The legal team at the Law Offices of Roderick T. McIver, PLLC understands this and will lead you step-by-step throughout the legal process. You don't have to face your legal challenges on your own. Put your case in the hands of an experienced professional.

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You will be kept up to date on the details of your case as we take the time to hear your concerns and answer your questions at every phase of the legal process.


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You can have peace of mind knowing that your legal matters are being handled by a team of highly-trained and experienced legal professionals.


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No two clients or cases are exactly alike. The Law Offices of Roderick T. McIver, PLLC will outline a strategy that is suited to meet the specific needs of your situation.

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Your legal situations don't have to completely bring your life to a halt. For families and individuals in circumstances that require legal assistance in the Winston-Salem, High Point, Greensboro, and the other surrounding areas of North Carolina, there is help available. If you're looking for an attorney you can trust to help with a workers' compensation claim, employment issues, medical malpractice, auto accidents, criminal defense, and other cases, you can turn to the team at the Law Offices of Roderick T. McIver, PLLC.

No matter what type of issues you may be facing at your workplace — from discrimination or problems regarding the disabilities act to an injury on the job — attorney Roderick T. McIver can provide the help you need. Attorney McIver will fight for your rights and make your voice heard as you pursue fair treatment and potential compensation for what has happened.

Injuries that result from a case of medical malpractice, auto accidents, or truck accidents can leave you seriously debilitated and looking for help. Roderick T. McIver and his dependable team of legal professionals will give you compassionate counsel as they learn the details about your story, explain the legal options available to you, and put a plan in place to fight for compensation that can help pay your medical bills, cover for any lost wages due to an inability to work, and ease your pain and suffering.

If you are in Winston-Salem, North Carolina or the surrounding area and are in need of skilled legal representation for employment issues, workers' compensation, criminal defense, or personal injuries, don't face these challenges alone. Your best option is to work with a skilled and experienced attorney. Contact the Law Offices of Roderick T. McIver, PLLC today!