Greensboro workers' compensation lawyer
Filing at workers' compensation claim

Getting Hurt at Work in Greensboro

Even in the most dangerous working environments, you have rights after getting hurt at work in Greensboro. You have a right to be as safe as possible at work. When an employer fails to make

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Firm Updates

Happy Holidays from the McIver Law Firm

🎉 Happy Holidays from McIver Law Firm! 🎉 As the festive season lights up our lives, we at McIver Law Firm in Winston-Salem, NC, pause to extend our warmest thanks to you – our esteemed

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paramedics preparing a stretcher after a car accident, impact of car accident on the human body
Car Accidents

What is the Impact of a Car Crash on the Human Body?

In the bustling streets of Winston-Salem, NC, car crashes are an unfortunate reality, and understanding their impact on the human body is crucial. Roderick McIver of the McIver Law Firm, specializing in personal injury, witnesses

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