What Should I Do After a Car Accident in Winston-Salem, NC?

An auto accident may be minor, or it may be deadly. Either way, they are frequently traumatic due to the time and effort required to get everything taken care of afterward. There may also be extensive expenses depending on the property damage and injuries. The skilled car accident lawyers in Winston-Salem at McIver Law hope that you and your loved ones are able to recover from this incident quickly and without permanent damage. But if not, contact us at 336-727-9886 to help get your life back on track.

What You Should Do After a Car Accident in Winston-Salem

The first steps you must take are for the safety of yourself, your passengers, other victims, and any others that may come upon the accident. North Carolina law specifies the legal requirements.

Check For Injuries

The very first thing to do is check for injuries to yourself and any passengers in your vehicle. Immediately call the police, and if you know or believe there may be injuries, request an ambulance. It is best if you are checked out at the scene of the accident even if transport is not necessary. If you are pinned in or feel you may have broken bones, do not attempt to leave the vehicle unless you believe it is more dangerous to stay in it. If possible, exit your vehicle and check on the other vehicle. Tell them that the police and an ambulance are on the way.

Document the Scene

While you are waiting for the responding officers, take photos of your vehicle and the other vehicle. Try to get a landscape view that includes both to show the collision. Photograph brake marks on the road and any other evidence at the scene. If possible, get witness names and phone numbers so that we can contact them. The responding officers should get all this information, but your additional data may prove invaluable. The officer will provide the other vehicle operator information on his report, but it never hurts to go ahead and get it from them.

Wait on the Police

Under no circumstances would we advise you to leave the scene before the authorities arrive. If you do, the other driver may claim that the accident was your fault, and that is what the officer will document. Stay to give your statement. Leaving will make it more difficult to defend your case. The officer will instruct you where to move your vehicle if it is drivable. If not, you can contact a towing company of your preference or the police will arrange a tow. Be sure you have the information on the company that has your vehicle.

Get a Medical Examination

If you have any injuries or pain at the scene of the accident, allow the Emergency Medical Technicians to check you. Allow transport to a medical facility if recommended. If they suggest or if you develop any symptoms immediately after the accident, see your Primary Care Physician. Do not postpone this visit due to expense or an issue of time; it may affect your claim and your future.

Notify Your Auto Insurance Carrier of the Accident

Contact your auto insurance company with the information about your wreck. They will send an adjuster to look at your car and the other vehicle involved in the accident. Provide them with the information on the other driver and his insurance carrier, if you have it. If you do not have it, provide it to them when you get a copy of the police report about three to four days after the accident.

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What You Should NOT Do After a Car Accident in Winston-Salem, NC

  • Do not apologize or accept blame for anything. Do not say the words I am sorry. This action implies that you are at fault. You do not want that, as we will explain later.
  • Do not agree to not call the police. Even if the other driver asks that you not call the police, it is in your best interest to do so. At McIver Law, we have seen too many collision victims that develop symptoms of injuries days or even weeks after the accident. An official report can be necessary for relating the injuries to the accident. You also want the property damage and the fault documented by an officer at the scene.
  • Do not agree to settle at the scene. The other driver may offer to give you money to fix your car, so you do not have to file your insurance. Doing so might allow you to avoid deductibles and an increase in insurance rates. Resist the urge. There is a reason they do not want you to call the police or file your insurance. They may be driving without a license, without the required insurance, or know they are at fault.
  • Do not give an official statement to the other driver’s insurance carrier. Consult with an attorney first. Everything you say after you consent to an official statement can be held against you in court.
  • Do not post about the accident on social media. Your pictures and comments can be turned against you by a good defense attorney. After the resolution of the case, you can post whatever you want.

How Do Vehicle Accident Laws Work in Winston-Salem?

In North Carolina, a strict contributory negligence rule is the legal precedence. This law means that you can only recover damages if you are determined to have contributed to the accident by 0%. There will be no recovery if you are even 1% at fault. That is why we recommend you not accept any blame at the scene, no matter how badly you feel for the other driver or passengers. This comment could cost you dearly later. It is easier for the auto accident attorneys at McIver Law to prove you were not at fault if you have not apologized.

How Can McIver Law Help Me Win My Case?

We are able to help you win your case by giving our all for you. Our office knows how tough this has been for you, and we are determined to help. When you become our client, we dedicate our team to your case. The sooner you consult us, the more efficient we can be. If evidence and memories are fresh, it is easier to gather. But don’t worry if it’s been a while; we will still do all we can to win your case. We will record your official statement, get the police reports, and contact witnesses for their statements. We go to the scene of the accident. Tire marks and other evidence can help establish the sequence of events and determine fault. An Accident Reconstruction Expert will organize all information to show how the accident occurred and why. It is also helpful if you or any witnesses have photos of the accident.

After establishing fault and compiling proof, we prepare all the necessary paperwork. This filing specifies our intentions to the attorney for the other party. We will consult with you to get your responses to their replies at every step of the process. Many insurance companies prefer settlement to court, and we will handle any negotiations to your specifications. We will represent you in a Winston-Salem courtroom if necessary.

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