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Auto Accidents Attorney in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

What You Need to Know About Auto Accidents

Involved in An Auto Accident? Let Us Help

If you have been involved in an auto accident, do not speak to the insurance company until you have talked with your attorney. Did you know that publicly held insurance companies have to put the concerns of their shareholders first? Work with an attorney who will be on your side against the big insurance companies.

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Before You Speak with The Insurance Company

Property Damage

Do you know the current fair market value of your vehicle? Do you know if the repair shop is supposed to use new or used parts to fix your car after an accident? How long are you entitled to a rental vehicle after a collision? Do you qualify for the depreciation of your vehicle after it’s been damaged in an accident?

If you don’t know the answers to all of these questions, you probably need to consult an experienced personal injury attorney. At the Law Offices of Roderick T. McIver, we handle the property damage portion of your auto claim without a fee.

Accident Investigation

Has the insurance adjuster refused to accept your claim? Have you been accused of contributing to the collision, but know that you were in no way responsible? Did the adjuster make an offer to settle your claim before you were even able to get checked out by your physician? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may need to consult an experienced personal injury attorney.

Attorney McIver has the knowledge, resources, and experience to thoroughly investigate your auto accident claim to make sure all responsible parties are held accountable.

Managing Insurance Claims

Do you have health care insurance? Do you carry Med Pay coverage on your policy? Is underinsured coverage applicable for your claim? Do you know how those coverages might affect your claim? If you are involved in an automobile accident and don’t know the answers you may need to contact a personal injury attorney. Attorney Roderick T. McIver will handle all communications with any relevant insurance company and provide the necessary documentation to maximize your compensation.

Client Satisfaction

To put it plainly, serving the client is the most important thing to us at the Law Offices of Roderick T. McIver. Throughout the process, we want our clients to feel informed and confident that we are always working in their best interests. Our clients are always welcome to contact us with questions, concerns, and updates —or to just say hello. We are always ready and willing to address any issues that might arise.