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Two Injured by Dog Bites in Winston-Salem

June 7, 2013

After recently purchasing a Boxer, named Epic, for my two sons the story of three pit bulls attacking a FedEx deliverywoman caught my attention. On Tuesday morning, a FedEx delivery woman and a Good Samaritan, who attempted to help her, were mauled by the pit bulls. The deliverywoman suffered dog bites to her head, ear, left arm, and leg. Criminal charges are pending against the owners of the dogs.

Under North Carolina law if a dangerous dog attacks a person and causes physical injuries that require medical treatment in excess of $100 the owner may be found guilty a Class 1 misdemeanor. A Class 1 misdemeanor could result in house arrest with electronic monitoring, community service, a fine, or restitution.

In addition to criminal charges, the owner of a dangerous dog is held strictly liable for any injuries or property damage the dog inflicts on another person. Strict liability imposes an absolute legal obligation on the owner of a dangerous dog for all damages even if the owner took all reasonable steps to protect others from his dog.

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P.S. Epic is harmless.