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Has President Obama Kept His Promises?

During his election campaign in 2008, Barack Obama promised his administration would implement sweeping changes from the previous George Bush regime. His campaign promises included closing the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, ending tax cuts for wealthy, and ending the war in the Middle East. Obama’s charismatic speeches promising change excited an entire nation, specifically minorities and young voters. Now, five years later President Obama has come up short on many of his promises.

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Should There Be Affirmative Action in America?

The Supreme Court will soon decide Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, which challenges the university’s race conscious admission policies. The case resolves around Abigail Fisher, who believes that she was rejected from Texas because she was white, even though she believes she was more qualified than some minority applicants. This case has brought back up discussions concerning the fairness and effectiveness of affirmative action. Some believe it is a form of reverse racism while others believe it is necessary to atone for hundreds of years of discrimination.

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NSA Leaks: How Much of Our Privacy Should Be Sacrificed for Our Safety?

Over the past few weeks a national debate has raged concerning the National Security Agency’s leaks and Edward Snowden. Should the federal government be able to access our phone and internet records? Is this a necessary evil to protect our nation’s safety? Is Snowden a hero or a traitor? What else is the government hiding?

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Supreme Court Validates DNA Swabs upon Arrests: What Does It Mean?

The Supreme Court’s recently held in Maryland vs. King that DNA swabs of people who are arrested, but haven’t been convicted for a serious crime does not violate the 4th Amendment of the Constitution. The 4thAmendment protects citizens from unreasonable search and seizures and requires that all warrants be supported by probable cause. Writing for the majority of the Court, Justice Kennedy concluded that “DNA identification was a reasonable search that should be considered part of the booking procedure.” In a scathing dissent, Justice Scalia argued that DNA identification leads to “suspicionless” searches, which violates the “probable cause” element of the 4th Amendment.

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Company Found Not Negligent in Carbon Monoxide Death

A Forsyth County jury found that Old Republic Home Protection’s hiring of Windham Heating and Air Conditioning did not lead to carbon monoxide poisoning death of Greensboro man. On November 14, 2008, two people were killed when a faulty furnace leaked carbon monoxide into their home. Old Republic hired Windham to fix the furnace prior to the deaths. The plaintiff alleged that Old Republic failed to conduct a proper background check of Windham. Windham had previously been placed on probation by the North Carolina Board of Examiners and Old Republic had received a customer complaint about Windham’s incompetence as recently as 2008.

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Two Injured by Dog Bites in Winston-Salem

After recently purchasing a Boxer, named Epic, for my two sons the story of three pit bulls attacking a FedEx deliverywoman caught my attention. On Tuesday morning, a FedEx delivery woman and a Good Samaritan, who attempted to help her, were mauled by the pit bulls. The deliverywoman suffered dog bites to her head, ear, left arm, and leg. Criminal charges are pending against the owners of the dogs.

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